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    Hiya, it's Cici! I welcome you to my little corner of Penana :)

    I'm 16, going to grade 11, and like any student, I believe school is absolute hell, and cannot wait for when it's all going to be over XD


    I have read quite a lot of books in my time XD too many to name so I'll just list my favourites for now:

    The mortal instruments
    The infernal devices
    The Mara dyer series
    The agency
    Shatter me series
    Throne of glass series

    Ok so music.....
    I don't have a particular artist or type of music that I prefer. I'll honestly listen to anything my phone spits out. Well, mayyyybe except heavy metal XD

    And anime....
    I watch too much to name them all.... However if you must know a favourite then it would have to be Durarara. I recommend it XD

    And food...
    I love food way too much for my own good XD But I'm the type of girl that likes a piece of cake on Facebook and automatically gains like 10 pounds. *cries*

    I also have Wattpad so you're welcome to follow me on there as well!


    Ah, I guess our time is over for now. If you happen to take a look at my books, thank you in advance! ^^
    Cheers. (^O^)/
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The Amulet Series: Queen of Fire

Scarlett Faye has a gift. 
No one knows. 
No one must know. 
Or else they will hurt her. 

Scarlett Faye hasn't stepped foot into the outside world in 17 years. 
Now that her parents are dead, going outside is her only option if she is going to survive. 
When she meets Badel's famous King's Assassin, Dante Walker, her world suddenly takes a plunge into a thrilling and dangerous struggle for survival and what it truly means to be herself. 
However, when Thalan, the kingdom to the north, starts its mysterious and murderous ascent to power, it's up to Scarlett and Dante to stop it. 
Will Thalan be truly stopped or is there a deeper, darker secret behind its destructive force?